The idol for installation in Haripad Sree Subramaniya Swami Temple was brought throughwaterways.For the memory of that ,they celebrate Vigraha Labdhi Jalolsavam.This is carried out for three days after Thiruvonamin Payipattu backwaters(Aaru).The people who are participating for this celebration come in groups singing Vanjipattu,offering Vazhipadu on Thiruvonam day then only the Aavani festival Aarattu Ezhunnellathu in Chinga masam will start.

It is believed that in Kalivarsham 2874 Vrichikam 11,on the star of Karthika half minute(Ara Kshanam) before noon Lord Subramaniya Idol was installed with Eakachakra ,at that time one saint appeared and did the installation and the Jeeva Kalashabhishekam,that saint was believed to be Lord Sree Hari so that Eakachakra village came to known as Harigeetha puram or Haripad is the history regarding the place.
[This is one of the importants myths regarding the temple]

Around a century back,making all the devotees sad the temple caught fire.Before catching the fire Malayalam year(Kolla Varsham) 1067 first installed the Golden Flag Pole.In order to protect it from the fire caught in 1096 it was cut down and kept in a safe place.The Koothambalam which is existing now is saved from the fire by the people
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